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Abs, Sweat & Roll is a great class to complete your day! Stabilize the core and complete intermittent bouts of H.I.I.T. in this core conditioning & cardio series, followed by foam rolling and light stretching to leave you feeling complete!

Barre is a body sculpting class in which you utilize your body weight and small hand weights to create a safe workout for a full-body burn! Open to all levels of fitness.

Join Coach Josh Doyon, our Boot Camp king! This is an all-out burn that you won’t want to miss. Kick start your day in the early morning OR join him on Saturday morning! You’ll never know what to expect as Josh likes to switch up the style of his full-body class. You will use different styles of equipment; TRX, dumbbells, kettle bells, bands, body weight, etc!

Be ready for 45 minutes of high energy, heart elevating, combat-style conditioning! Personal Trainer and Combat Sports Athlete, Rob Ovalle, will take you through a class that will challenge your engine and push you out of your comfort zone. Combat Cardio will consist of training your cardiovascular system, muscles, and core stability. Get your Monday started the right way!

This 45 minute indoor cycling class provides a fun and challenging cardiovascular workout for all fitness levels.

Do you love cycling AND off-the-bike conditioning? Jon Malone will take you through and accelerated conditioner with hills & sprints on the bike, followed by some functional movements off the bike!

Gentle Yoga is a soft approach to nurturing your body. If you’re feeling under the weather, tired or sore, take advantage of the opportunity to move your body through some light stretches while increasing your range of motion. Relax your mind & body!

If you’ve taken Grace’s Core Conditioning – make sure you test out GRIT as it’s an upgraded version of her series! Grace will take you through a full body workout, emphasizing the fundamentals of strength and stability, while providing you with a sweat you won’t want to miss out on! This class is recommended for beginner and intermediate levels.

Kripalu Yoga is a gentle Hatha-style Yoga practice with asana (postures), pranayama (yogic-breathing) and mindful meditation. Take a journey through your own level of practice and discover ways in which you can observe your thoughts and physical body without judgement. All levels are welcome, beginners and intermediates are encouraged!

Are you on a time crunch? Lots of meetings to attend? Maybe you have to race out of work to pick up the kids? Well … we have the perfect time-crunch workout for you! MONDAY METCON is a fast-paced metabolic conditioner! You will do a quick warm up series followed by a timed workout to help you get an efficient burn, while moving safely through the various movement patterns. IT ONLY TAKES 30 MINUTES! Take the time to sweat out the stress and get energized for the rest of your day! All levels are welcome.

Muscle Up is a full body class! The first half consists of strength training and functional movements, followed by a METCON (Metabolic Conditioning) that will be sure to get your heart rate up and blood pumping! All levels are welcome, come join the fun!

Come lengthen & strengthen your muscles in Pilates. Controlling the pelvic floor with core stabilizing movements becomes the focus in this 45-minute full body class. Expect your flexibility and strength to increase!

Get the most “bang for your buck!” Learn to use the kettle bells which is a truly full body workout. Increase strength and stamina while using your body in the most functional practice! This is a great class for those looking to build strength throughout their body!

Duck and weave and punch your way to a better body. This 45 minute intense shadow boxing workout will increase your stamina and get you into peak fighting condition.

Tabata Time is a style of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) centered around the completion of multiple exercises for time! Exercises include body weight, core stability, endurance, strength, power and balance. The exercises are completed for 8 rounds, 20 seconds of all-out intensity and 10 seconds of recovery. All levels are welcome to attend – bring a towel!

TRX is a body weight suspension trainer that gives assistance to the body while training the core to stabilize! Designed by a Navy Seal, TRX is an amazing tool to get everything you need! While training your core to be stable, you are building strength, endurance, balance & stability.

Vinyasa is a style of Yoga that connects movement of the body with breath in a flow sequence. Vinyasa builds heat, promotes strength and increases flexibility while coordinating with inhalations and exhalations to create a ”breath synchronized practice.”

With a maximum of 4 people per group, our sessions are small enough that each trainee gets plenty of personal instruction, flexible scheduling, and custom designed workouts based on your goals to supplement the group as a whole.

All group exercise classes offered complementary with any membership.
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