Ryan Katz


Personal Trainer

Ryan Katz loves private training as well as a semi-private class structure, prioritizing functional, full-body workouts as a way to develop determination and mental fortitude. Ryan’s personal training philosophy demands that the athlete be well rounded. He believes that working out is not enough and that nutrition, hydration, and sleep play pivotal roles both in the gym and in daily life. He loves walking through the door at his gym every morning and the unique social environment that a community fitness facility creates puts a smile on his face. Ryan feels rewarded every time he sees normal everyday people accomplish extraordinary things. Ryan loves (even though it his Achilles heel), gymnastics, metabolic conditioning, and can be seen picking up very heavy things on a regular basis.

Success Stories

  • If you want to get sustainable results, start working with Ryan. He is the best coach I've ever worked with by far. His experience as a former athlete and CrossFit coach allows him to first gauge your fitness level and ability to perform functional movements. He will then start working to correct any imbalances and allow your body to perform safely at top rate. He got me deadlifting 320 lbs and we were not actually focused on lifting heavy! One of the best things about Ryan is that he will answer all your questions and will explain the rationale behind every exercise he is having you do.

    Alex Iacob, Watertown MA
  • Ryan really exceeded my expectations as a personal trainer. In our first session, Ryan and I discussed my background and fitness goals and developed an actionable plan to achieve them. By working with Ryan, I have seen major improvements in strength, cardio fitness, and posture. What separates Ryan as a personal trainer is that he really listen to his clients. Ryan knows when to push you, but importantly, given his long-term approach to fitness, he understands the importance of slowing things down and helping restore your body when necessary. Ryan is focused on teaching his clients proper technique and makes sure his clients understand the purpose behind each exercise they perform. At the same time, Ryan makes the sessions fun and interactive, so you're always looking forward to that next session. I would recommend Ryan without hesitation to anyone looking to achieve their personal fitness goals.

    Dan G, Boston MA