Rob Ovalle


Personal Trainer

Rob is a competitive combat sports athlete who, through his own experience working with trainers and coaches, realized how fun and rewarding it was to assist people in bettering their lives through exercise and healthy living. It started when Rob was working as a plumber’s mechanic, and had aspirations of taking his casual interest in combat sports to the next level. Always active in sports growing up, Rob welcomed the challenge and competed later that year. After finding his passion, Rob realized how important fighting and training was in self-discipline, determination, and mental/physical growth. Realizing how much combat sport training and his coaches had positively impacted his life, Rob decided that he wanted to use his passion to help change other people’s lives.

Success Stories

  • I have been working with Rob Ovalle for the past two months consistently and I can tell you that his workouts are creative, tough and fun. Boxing, conditioning and strength training are just some of the things Rob is experienced with and are all of the things I wanted to incorporate into my workouts. His knowledge, experience and creativity shine through in every session. He will push you until your “I cant’s” turn into “I can’s” and he doesn’t let you give up. Rob is the real deal. He works how he works and that is why he stands out. That personality of his keeps you entertained but his knowledge is the power. Every focus is on form and accuracy. He pays attention to your progress and knows how far he can push you. I have never felt better and stronger and the proof is in the results. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate Rob for helping me live my best life. I look forward to whatever Rob has in store for me next. He is truly an amazing trainer and friend. I highly recommend Rob to anyone.

    Jessica T