Mike Walsh


Personal Trainer

Education: Current Student at the University of Massachusetts, Boston
Associates degree from Quincy College in Exercise Science in progress, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Mike has struggled with weight loss in the past, but found strength and barbell training as a fun way to manage his weight. Using his first-hand experience, Mike enjoys encouraging his clients to reach their goals while having fun. He specializes in strength training, barbell training, and fat loss.

Success Stories

  • Not having consistently worked out my entire life, my physique has always been thin and light. Mike, my trainer, customized workout routines to fit my needs. Within six months, I’ve had two people commenting on how surprisingly strong I was when helping out with lifting things for them. I also dance as a hobby but never had good posture before working out with Mike. Three of my dance partners have since told me how strong my dance frame is. And recently a coworker stopped me on the hallway and commented on how fit I look when I put on a polo shirt that used to be a bit baggy and now fit to my body. I could’ve worked out on my own, but none of these would have happened without Mike and Fisique in such short period of time.

    Ken Kan, Boston MA
  • I discovered this hidden fitness gem a couple of months ago and am totally addicted. Having a hiatus from the gym for 3yrs, I wanted to improve my cardio/weight training and matching up with Mike was a perfect pairing. He takes time to spot all the small details in technique and really helps polish up to help reduce the risk of inquiry. All this plus education lessons on what muscles I’m using and how it’s impacting performance. He makes me feel so much stronger.

    Reena Patel