Greg Cottrell


Personal Trainer

Greg was inducted into fitness at a young age by his military family. Despite the military upbringing, his weight was always an issue and he started working out on his own at age 12. Ever since then fitness has been a priority and he loves to spread his passion through group classes, and one-on-one training sessions, with the goal to help people safely actualize their weight loss and physical transformation goals.

Success Stories

  • Greg has all of the qualities you’d want in a coach - knowledgeable, adaptable, experienced, and fun. He has great energy and really pushes you to bring your best to each work out. I appreciated his emphasis on form and persistence to get it right before building to the next thing. Workouts were always catered to my goals and it’s clear he is passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of each of his clients.

    Samantha Kersul
  • Fitness is more than ‘Lifting weights’ and getting a good sweat in. Imagine working out with a trainer for months and all you gained was the muscles but never the knowledge? The know how? Imagine leaving your trainer due to budgeting, traveling or a million other reasons and losing all of your progress despite all your effort to maintain your routine? Greg “Thor” Cottrell introduced me to even more than I imagined I’d get from training. He wanted to make sure I KNEW what I was doing and why we did it. The unique dieting and math behind it. The genius builds up and tears down of the subsequent routines. You’d think he’d be afraid of losing clients with the amount of information he shares but his passion is educating just as much as the muscles he puts on for himself.

    Patrick “SMKRSROOM” Silva