Personal Training
Personal Training in Boston

We offer the highest quality of knowledge based personal training with the most aggressive rates in the city

Group Class

We offer an extensive list of group classes offered free with your membership to Fisique Boston


TRX is the leading brand in Suspension training across the country. Train like the best of athletes and military personnel with this style of functional training that’s been designed to suit the masses.

Kettlebells in Boston

With a top of the line kettlebell selection ranging from 9lbs-124lbs from Rogue Fitness and a staff of Kettlebell certified trainers there is no place in Boston to get a better KB experience whether it’s through our Group Training or 1on1 Individual Training.

Barbells in Boston

Barbell training has a certain stigma to it and can be intimidating to the general population. We are here to show you just how valuable and easy to use the barbell can be. Whether you’re an 18 year old athlete or a 70 year old stockbroker, the barbell is for you!

Cardio in Boston

Stair climber, Treadmill, Arc trainer, Spin Bike, Stationary bike, Elliptical you name it! Fisique offers a wide range of cardio equipment to help you stay Fit! Let us show you how to properly use heart range training to burn calories with optimal performance and keep your cardiovascular system healthy!

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