Golf Fitness is For Everyone!

Fitness (staying flexible, stable, strong and powerful) is important not only to professional golfers, but fitness training has also been shown to help beginners, intermediate, and elite amateur players. Becoming “golf fit” reduces your chance of injury, decreases current aches and pains, increases distance, and a golf fitness program makes it easier to achieve swing changes.

What Can a Golf Fitness Program Do For You?

  • Increase distance
  • Improve ball striking
  • Reduce or eliminate pain while golfing

Fisique’s Golf Performance Program provides the perfect combination of golf instruction and golf fitness training to improve the games of all levels of golfers. The golf fitness program provides customized training to improve power, flexibility, set-up posture, endurance and decrease risk of injury to help the golfer play at a higher level and enjoy golf for many more years. Customized training is offered in a one-on-one setting. Our golf fitness training is based on sound scientific research and provided by Mark McKenna who is certified by the Titleist Performance Institute.

Physical Screening: The screening process places players through a complete array of tests to measure and assess the total picture of your body’s ability to generate and transfer speed and determines the most efficient transfer of energy throughout your body.

Swing Analysis: Video and computer software break down a golfer’s swing, frame by frame, to determine swing technique and characteristics.

Plan of Action:  Mark will take information from your screening process and swing analysis to determine a unique action plan to assist you in improving your golf game and personal wellbeing.

The Titleist Performance Institute

The Titleist Performance Institute is recognized as the leader in elite, amateur, and junior player development. They lead the world in research and data on golf fitness, health and swing biomechanics.

While TPI believes that everyone has their own unique golf swing, they also believe that every great golfer has a certain set of ideal physical characteristics that translates into the most efficient golf swing.   TPI instruction bridges the gap between fitness and golf by incorporating exercises to increase performance and help improve physical limitations.

We look forward to meeting you and working together to help you help you reach all of your goals!


TPI Evaluation:

  • The objective of the screen is to identify your body’s functional limitations, imbalances and weaknesses. By identifying these weaknesses we will be able to develop a customized program for you to help you create the most efficient golf swing.
  • TPI Evaluation consists of 12 physical screens as they relate to 12 major swing characteristics. These screens help us identify what physical limitations a player may have, and how these limitations may affect their swing.

TPI Training:
Receive continued instruction with TPI’s proven techniques and exercises to strengthen your body and perfect your swing. (Evaluation required)

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